Your website requires regular health checkup like any other system does. As you visit your healthcare professional for routine check-ups, your website also needs frequent checkups to maintain the performance health of your store .
We provide professional Magento technical/UI Audit service that includes analyzing your Magento store to investigate technical flaws along with other aspects that requires correction at predefined intervals to streamline with the growing market.
Why Magento Technical Audit?
Selecting Magento audit for your website will help you monitor the performance of your business segments and allows you build several strategies for enhancing sales, business performance and more.

Only when everything runs perfectly, you can get desired results. In the absence of regular performance check, your business may not keep pace with the developing market. To avoid such situations, regular monitoring of your website to track and remove technical glitches, obstructing seamless performance is important. Increase your sales by maintaining the best health of your business.

Services Included in our Technical Audit
  • Analysis of your Website
  • Version Checking
  • Code Quality Review
  • Identifying JS Drawbacks
  • Design Loopholes Checking
  • Speed and Performance Inspection
  • Review of 3rd Party Extensions
Additional Aspects We Inspect, Includes:
  • System Crash Due to Heavy Load
  • Trouble in Integrating New Features
  • Malfunctions and Discard
  • Code Architecture Patches
  • Complaints Regarding Interactivity
Why Us?
We’re experts in offering your business, seamless functioning and profitable sales. Consult us and get right guidance to make modification in the architectural flow of your website, if required to retain its quality.

Technical audit helps you maintain the brand identity of your business and allows sustaining in the digital competition.