Our bonding with our clients is not limited to project development process. Creating a strong professional bonding with personal touch makes us unique and reliable. The magento support and maintenance services we offer, helps your website to maintain flawless functioning.
Your online store might not help your business perform well,  if it would not have remarkable support and maintenance system, which keeps your website’s health up-to-date.

Monitoring and analyzing your website’s health at specific time period is necessary to retain its reliability. As a vehicle needs servicing at a fixed time interval, websites also need service checks offered by respective professionals.

We are experts in serving magnificent support services considering your online store’s business needs. We know its significance and offer Magento store Support and Maintenance to retain  your brand identity intact.

We test your online store thoroughly to understand the errors that impacts overall functioning of your Magento store.
  • Optimizing CSS, Images and JavaScript in the code
  • Performing HTML Optimization and Analysis
  • Checking your store in all latest browser version
  • Analyzing Content Compression and Browser Caching
  • Checking your store in different mobile devices for responsiveness
Magento Checkup
We conduct Magento version check for your website ensuring its functioning does not impact desired sales.
  • Auditing your store for right coding standard
  • Optimizing your server and MySQL
  • Regularly checking server for unnecessary logs
  • Configuring File Examination
  • Error checking for database structure
  • Verifying File and Folder Permission
  • Specific PHP Function and Directive Check
  • Checking for security, preventing bad bots without CAPTCHA
Store Errors
We analyze and detect coding error, if any, in your Magento store.
  • Analyzing MySQL and optimizing server OS
  • Checking the content accuracy to fulfill customers’ desires
  • Ensuring your store is available and accessible at all times
  • Ensuring your customers get timely and secure emails from your store
  • Configuring error page so that customer can contact you when error arises
Error Diagnosis
We also track and detect some other types of errors that may affect the functioning of your Magento store, impacting your revenue generation and store performance.
  • Verifying FTP Access
  • Verifying SSH Access
  • Checking SSL Certificate
  • Tracking security errors within your Magento website
  • Offering your customers a secure shopping experience everytime
Magento Upgrade
We check the current version of your Magento store and suggest the upgradation, if needed. If you are willing to upgrade, we can help, making your store more impressive and feature-rich.
Why Choose Us?
We are a team of dedicated professional developers having years of experience in delivering reliable Magento solutions. We understand the necessity your Magento store to be healthy for seamless business performance. Upgrading the version of your Magento store is also very important as your online store should be packed with all the latest features to fulfill challenging business requirements.

It’s time to keep your business updated  conducting a periodic quality check to get the best results !