Magento Quickbook Integration

Your accounts and invoices can now be managed and accessed directly from your Magento Store! We offer seamless Magento Quickbooks Integration to help you run your business effortlessly and professionally.

Magento CMS Integration

Magento is the best e-commerce platforms, however there’s one important aspect which does not find place in Magento, blogging. Our Magento CMS Integration services offer you a hassle-free way to enhance your online store.

Magento CRM Integration

Integrating your online store with a CRM like SugarCRM allows you streamline business processes and server customers in a better way. Our CRM integration is full featured and enhances functionalities of Magento to work in unison with the CRM systems.

Magento Module Integration

Want to add new features to your online store? Well, we have the best solution for you. We offer technical assistance in integrating ready-made modules. We also design & develop 100% bug free and optimized  Magento modules for best performance.

Magento API Integration

Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols, routines and tools considered to be building blocks for software applications. Offering API integration we connect your store with apps i.e. YouTube, eBay, Amazon, social media platforms, Google sitemap, etc.

Magento ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning apps are vital for businesses as these allow bringing together all functions like accounting, human resources, supply chain management etc. under one head. We help making your online business productive & profitable integrating Magento ERP.

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Safe, secure and highly fast and fully functional payment gateways are vital to run estore successfully. We offer high-end and seamless integration of Magento Payment Gateway and help you manage it successfully.

Magento Integration Helps Soar your Business

Magento Integration Services have turned out be very useful for online merchants in recent years. Magento is unmatched when it comes to flexibility & freedom in terms of managing an online shop. This ecommerce framework allows online merchants to build scalable online shops to meet the ever-changing requirements of their industry.
yMagestore is at the forefront in delivering world class Magento Integration solutions as per the needs of its clients. We integrate powerful third party APIs and open source software into existing online shops to transform annual ROI completely.

Why Magento Integration

  1. Eliminates repetitive data entry and other associated human errors
  2. Significant decrease in dispatch times
  3. Significant reduction in operational costs
  4. Reduction in the need to hire seasonal staffs
  5. Better and improved functioning of store
  6. Improved customer acquisition and retention
  7. Eventual increase in revenue