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Magento CMS Integration solution proves best when you want to integrate a dynamic CMS into your e-commerce website. yMagestore has unmatched expertise in integrating CMS with Magento.

Our expert developers will completely analyze your online store and integrate the best CMS into it with flawless features and functionalities. With this service you can systematically manage and track the content on your store.

Top 5 CMS-Magento Integrations We Offer
1. WordPress Integration
If you want to integrate a powerful blogging application into your store, then we recommend WordPress integration. Your customers will get an interactive platform where they can discuss about products, services, queries related to products and offer product reviews & feedback too.

2. Drupal Integration
As per your requirements, we integrate Magento with Drupal CMS for your online business. There are various modules in this integration like Order Synchronizer, eCommerce XML-RPC API, Products Synchronizer and Users Synchronizer.

Drupal Integration includes–
  • Magento as the main component and Drupal as the subcomponent
  • Drupal as the main component and Magento as an e-commerce module
  • Both Drupal and Magento as the main components
3. Joomla Integration
With this integration you can easily handle content plug-ins, user authentication and blocks as modules. You can even unite Magento theme and Joomla templates on a single product page to acquire a professional look and appeal. We also specialize in MageBridge, which allows you to manage user profiles, records, offers single sign on feature and many more.
4. Typo3 Integration
Using this integration solution, you can attractively display products and increase website traffic. We offer a TypoGento solutions, the combination of Typo3 (version 4.2+) and Magento. Backend users can connect and combine with website administrators as well as Front-end users of TYPO3.
5. ModX Integration
Based on your CMS needs & requirements, we integrate the powerful ModX CMS into different kinds of e-commerce websites. We carefully integrate the front-end of your store with ModX page so that you can be benefited from the brilliant CMS features of ModX.